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Turbo V ion source,(ESI & APCI), LINAC collision cell,2 HS602 pumps, sn AG13440701, Dell 390 PC

Analyst software, user manuals, documentation provided.  Inspection and purchase on site.

Condition: Excellent

(90 day warranty)


Thermo TSQ Quantum Ultra System, LCMS TRIPLE QUAD

Mass Spectrometer. Approximately 4 yrs old., Includes PC and system software.

Condition: Excellent

(90 day warranty)


AB Sciex 3000 LCMSMS Triple Quad

AB Sciex 3000 LC/MS/MS Triple Quad with Agilent 1100 Binary Pump HPLC on the front end(2 Available). This system comes complete with autosampler, chiller, pc, software, manuals, cables etc. Has been tested to power up and is in working condition.

Condition: In working order, Good

Please call and make an offer and for more details.

API Sciex 4000 LC/MS/MS Triple Quad with Agilent 1100 HPLC

This system comes complete with Agilent 1100 HPLC Stacks G1313A, G1379A, G1312A, G1316A. A nitrogen analyzer, new UPS/Surge, and a CPU with preloaded software. Condition: Excellent Working Condition. Warranty: Please Call 816-227-9600.

Price: $99,500 or call to make an offer.






Agilent 5973 Enhanced Turbo GCMS

Includes: 6890n GC, Velocity, P&T, Solutek 72 Autosampler PC, 1701DA software

Condition: Excellent

(90 Day warranty)


ABI Sciex 5000 QQQ

Includes: mfg in 2007, APCI and ESI sources PC and monitor, No LC Included

Condition: Excellent

(Sold as is)


Shimadzu LCMS-IT-TOF

Mass Spectrometer, Not including the LC, Does include liscensed software

No Warranty


Varian LCMS 520 Triple Quad Model 520

with HPLC, PC, and licensed software.

No warranty


Varian LCMS, Model 320

with HPLC, PC, and liscensed PC software.

Excellent Condition, No Warranty


Agilent 6410B LCMS with an Agilent 1260 HPLC

Agilent 6410B LCMS with an Agilent 1260 HPLC

Good Condition

call for price.

Thermo TSQ Quantum Ultra System

Financing available for all instruments listed below!